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USCCB Young Adult Ministry Resource Page

This office in the U.S. Bishops’ Conference has oversight for Catholic young adult ministry

US Bishops Document

1997 U.S. Bishops’ document on ministry with young adults

Synod On Young People - Vatican

Synod on Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment – Vatican Site

Synod on Young People - USCCB

Synod on Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment – USCCB Site

Pope's Annual Message

Pope Francis’ Annual Messages to Young People

World Youth Day Panama, January 22-29, 2019

Note that the name of the event, World Youth Day, may be misleading for some – as the word “youth” in the United States connotes teenagers (junior high and high school students). However, the key audience for WYD is both older youth and especially young adults. The age range is 16 to 35. The majority of U.S. pilgrims who attend WYD are between 18 and 25.

National Dialogue on Youth and Young Adults

The vision of this initiative is an energized and unified Church committed to forming and engaging youth and young adults as missionary disciples.

V Encuentro of Hispanic/Latino Ministry

The V Encuentro (translated into English as the Fifth Encounter) is a four-year process of ecclesial reflection and action that invites all Catholics in the United States to intense missionary activity, consultation, leadership development, and identification of best ministerial practices in the spirit of the New Evangelization. A particular focus of the V Encuentro is ministry to youth and young adults.